Thalassemia Patients Are A High Risk Group For Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection. Recent Improvements In The Survival Of These Patients Are A Result Of More Services In The Control Of Iron Overload, The Provision Of Safe Blood And Better Control Of Complications. Today, Liver Disease Is The Main Cause Of Mortality In Thalassemia Patients Throughout The World. Unfortunately, There Are Inadequate Policies In Most Thalassemia Centers For The Control Of HCV Infections. I Considered It Imperative To Provide A Book From A To Z For Health Professionals Regarding The Epidemiology, Screening, Diagnosis And Treatment Of HCV Infection In This High Risk Group. My Hope Is For Better Control Of HCV In Thalassemia Patients In The World, Especially In The Mediterranean Region….

Seyed Moayed Alavian M.D.

Professor In Gastroenterology And Hepatology,

Comprehensive Guideline For Hepatitis C In Thalassemia In English